Thursday, June 30, 2011

Podcasting with Audacity and

Once you have created your podcast in Audacity (complete with intro and outro music from a place like Free Music Archive), you must save it as mp3 file.

First, you must download the right encoder (lame_enc.dll) if you haven't already done so. Select the edit menu, go to preferences, select libraries. On the libraries popup menu, click on the "download" button next to "LAME MP3 Library".

Once the encoder is downloaded, select from the file menu "Export". Name the file, and select "mp3" as your file type. You will be warned about the reduction in the file size; click "OK". Fill out as much or as little of the metadata song information as you want, and then click "OK".

Once you have your mp3 file saved, open a browser window to Click "select" and find your mp3 file and click "open". Voila! You are done. Be sure to write down the unique address in the address bar before you leave the site.

Project Requirements*

(*Requirements is a strong word. We want you to do these general things, but if there is something else you want to do, just let us know!)

Your blog will be your "home" project--you will link or post all your other projects to it so we can see them. At the end of the last day of class, you will just email me a link to your blog with your projects.
  • Create a blog
  • Modify the blog layout
  • Modify the blog settings
  • On your blog, post a picture, a video, and link to other websites
  • Create podcast with intro and outro music
  • Link to your podcast
  • Create and link to your wiki pages (personal page, vacation page (with external link and picture), form/survey page)
  • Anything else that catches your fancy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Technophobia 2011 Class Recordings

While not a replacement for the pure joy of being in class with us, hopefully these recording will be helpful if you want to remember something that we did together in class.