Thursday, June 17, 2010

Overview of awesome stuff

We didn't have time to work with all the amazing education programs out there, but you can do it on your own time. Check some of these links out, play around, and see what you can do!
  • Glogster: "Posters" with links for your wiki or blog (online)
  • Google Earth: Amazing satellite views of the entire world (downloadable)
  • Voice Thread: Narrate or comment on slide shows (online)
  • Prezi: A new way to do a presentation, quite different than PowerPoint (online and downloadable)
  • Khan Academy: Video podcasts of many, many subjects (online)
  • Lynda: (Some free, most not) Excellent tutorials on many of the most common computer programs (online)
  • Google reader: A quick way to browse your favorite websites and blogs

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