Friday, June 29, 2012

Where do I find...?

We covered many different programs in our two-day class.  It might be hard to remember where to find everything.  Use the following list to jog your memory.

Online resources
Class notes - Google Documents
Class wiki - Wikispaces
Videos to embed - YouTube
Forms & Quizzes - Google Documents (forms)
Publishing podcasts - Upload file to your wiki, use Minus
Create/Edit/Write Blog - Blogger
Edit pictures, create headers - Fotoflexer, Google + (on your Google Account)

Maps - Google Maps
Learning videos - Khan Academy, Ted Ed
Social media - Google + (on your Google Account)
Screencasting - Jing

Fun blog templates - Cutest Blog on the Block
Fun word pictures - Wordle, Tagxedo

Free downloadable software
Sound recording -
Maps - Google Earth

Screencasting - PowerPoint (from Microsoft office)

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